Geek Chic

Loading my purse (because, of course, I have to change purses to match my outfit) is an art. Like everyone else, my wallet has to go in there, and my phone. Then my lipstick, mini brush, powder compact, mini kabuki brush, pen, tissues, checkbook, etc. My most recent addition to my purse routine, though, is my USB drive. In order to be able to work effectively, I have to have the ability to save and access files on the go. I have a teeny tiny orange flash drive. The teeny tininess of it is a negative, as it can be easy to lose in my giant purse, but the orangeness of it helps me find it. I would LOVE to replace it (or augment it) with a cute USB drive that’s distinctive.

For a USB drive that you can put in your change purse, you could try the LaCie CurrenKey. Available in 4, 8, and 16gb, this USB drive looks a bit like a Euro coin.

The connector comes out when you twist the “coin”, which is die-cast metal.

For a “sexy librarian” twist, the “Four Eyes” USB drive fits the bill. They’re like a pair of vintage glasses for your computer. They hold 2gb of files.

Another cute idea is the Lego USB Drive (although, of course, they go by the name Zip Zip USB Drives, as they’re not affiliated with Legos.) Available in classic Lego colors, as well as in clear and glow-in-the-dark, you can attach this 2GB drive to your keyring.

One of my favorite things about this drive is that you can click the cover onto the drive, like a Lego brick. Never lose the cap of your drive again!

There’s a lot of cheesy USB jewelry available–most of the USB bracelets look like plastic Livestrong or WWJD bracelets, but on Etsy I found a vintage-style USB necklace I would really wear.

The blue and silver design with yellow stone has an art nouveau style to it, that would look good with great girly dresses or a sweet blouse.

My favorite would be the Clé USB drive. Available in pink, yellow, white, dark blue, and black, these acrylic keys can be clipped to your keyring. I love the bright colors and the design.

I know I love substance married with style–what do you think? Is a “cute” USB drive worth it?

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