Why Am I So Late Knowing This?!? MAC Jeanius

I like to be on the cutting edge. Call it competitiveness, call it a fear of being left behind, call it whatever you like. I WANT TO BE TOP BLOGGER! Oh, lordy. Stop me.

So I went from euphoria to disappointment in no time flat tonight when I discovered the MAC 2011 Spring Collection, Jeanius, and then discovered that I’m about two weeks behind the “sneak peek” status, because it’s already out. *Sigh.* But it’s AMAZING, and I WANT IT. (Oh, it just came out TODAY! Okay, I feel better now.)

LOOK AT THESE EYESHADOWS! Go ahead. Look at them. I’ll wait while you “squeeeeeee”! Yes, they look like a belt loop and a rivet on a pair of jeans. YES, THEY DO! Aren’t they adorable? Don’t you want them all? Just me? I LOVE the dark blue with the copper “rivet” (a.k.a. “Motorhead”), and White Jeanius which is the white and silver combo. But I will take them all.

The lipsticks are a cool-complexioned gal’s dream. With the blue undertones, they all look wearable for pale skin like mine. I love a dark lipstick, so I’m drawn to the darkest shade, Riveting Rose, but I also want to try the middle shade, Pretty Please. Plus, of course, coordinating Lipglasses, so WIN.

Then, HI. Nail Lacquers. My favorite part of any MAC collection. I WILL HAVE BIKER BLUE. Toes with the blue shimmer in flip flops, and the white with pink pearl on my fingernails? YES, INDEEDY! (The white is called Frayed to Order, by the way.)

And, unlike the Wonder Woman collection, everything but the eyeliner and one of the lipsticks is limited edition. It feels special.

What do you think? Are you DYING? Or do you think I’m crazy?


3 thoughts on “Why Am I So Late Knowing This?!? MAC Jeanius

  1. okay, for a non-makeup gal, even i admit this are pretty rad. maybe because they look like jeans?? and are called jeanius? either way, i WANT that white and silver.

    ps– i love that you know those lip colors have “blue undertones”. i see tan, pink and dark red. i am such girl FAIL.

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