Freshen Up Your IKEA

I don’t care about the jokes. I don’t care about the little wrenches that come in the flatpack boxes, expecting a do-it-yourself attitude. I don’t care about the varying quality, even. I’m not 12; I don’t try to climb on my bookcases. So I love IKEA. It’s Scandinavian fabulousness, and I feel like that’s worth supporting. It’s modern furniture for the low budget–like mine.

However, I will admit that sometimes the covers don’t appeal to me. The colors aren’t right, or the fabric doesn’t look so great. I love that IKEA has removable, washable slipcovers, but sometimes…they leave me flat.

That’s where Bemz comes in. They offer covers for IKEA furniture in a variety of colors and fabrics. They work with designers like Marimekko and Designers Guild. Yes, these covers are a significant investment, sometimes costing more than the furniture itself. But it’s really the most reasonable way to get a totally custom sofa or chair on a budget.

Here’s some of my favorites:


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