Spring Showers

Spring is coming! I swear it is. They say that March comes in like a lion, but out like a lamb, so if the winds are still blowing and the snow is still falling, know that it will be over soon. So maybe it’s time to transition from your fugly Michelin Man coat to a stylish trench coat for spring!

Just do me a favor, please? Don’t bore me with your trench coat! A classic camel is always in style, but rather yawn-inducing. Try a color or a new shape, like the ones below.

Guess? Belted Ruffled Trench

This is as close to classic as I’d go. It’s got the camel color of a basic trench, but the ruffle detail makes it adorable and fun. It has a hood that makes it more casual, and also that will protect you from any April showers.

Flock of the Bay Coat

Trust ModCloth to be doing something in a print! You’ve got a whole flock of birds flying across a dark blue sky in this trench.

Via Spiga Turquoise Scarpa Trench Coat

The color on this is perfect to cut through the gloom of a rainy day! The bright turquoise of this trench sets it apart, along with the pleating along the back of the coat.

Converse One Star Isla Trench Coat

No belt and lots of buttons! Converse’s cotton hooded trench is perfect for a Sunday afternoon’s casual downtown stroll through the shops. The buttons are in excess, yet still just right.

River Island Leopard Trench Coat

Trench goes glam! There are a lot of leopard prints out there, but this is in the best of taste. The flared style and narrow belt make it retro (you know we love it retro around here!). I think it would be perfect over a full-skirted dress with a gorgeous pair of heels.

In Perfect Accordion Coat

My favorite of the bunch! It would almost be enough if it were just bright red, but then add in the accordion pleats on the sides, and then a belt that ties into a bow at the front? ADORABLE. It wins my heart.

To trench, or not to trench? Do you indulge?

2 thoughts on “Spring Showers

  1. I trench. Mine is a couple years old but is merlot with a tiger print lining. Love it. BUT wanting to get bright, Anne Klein has a couple in bright chartreusse that aren’t bad!! Classic cut with just eye popping color. Love!!

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