Inspired by Denver: Wearable Victoriana

Stacey Steer’s Night Hunters has been on my mind since I saw it at The Denver Art Museum. Collage is the main medium of these works of art; a film was made using collage and old silent films to create each frame. The effect is that of a Gothic work of fear, taking all the animals and insects that appear in the night juxtaposed with a helpless woman. The film, the collages, and the sculpture of a Victorian manor house with each room flickering with the light of its own film screen make up Night Hunters.

I was inspired by this work of art to find some wearable, Victorian-inspired pieces for spring, forgoing heavy velvet and black for lace and pale pink.

Victorian Button Top

With a soft and wearable texture, this shirt would be cute with a pair of close-fitting jeans or with a pencil skirt. If you wear it with a long skirt, you will end up a little too stuffy, but paired with a modern garment it would reach its potential.

Large Victorian Magnifying Glass Necklace

This piece is multi-use–the magnifying glass works, so if your vision is a little sketchy, you could use it. But the real beauty is the style of the piece. Best used as a conversation piece, if you ask me.

Funtasma’s Victorian Boot

Used to be you could get boots in black, black, or black. Anything else would be unseemly. But this gold boot with black design breaks that mold. They are traditional with a twist.

Elements of Elegance Top

A frilly collar makes this simple sheer top something special. It looks floaty and lovely, like you would look cool and fresh on the hottest of summer days. You could tuck it into a slim skirt or wear it over casual jeans or even shorts.

Double-Breasted Swallow-Tailed Jacket

The tail of this jacket gives it a neo-Victorian look. Other than that, it’s elegant but not overdone. The short sleeves are perfect for spring, as is the color. It is less “ruffly” than some of the other garments, if you like a more structured look.

Epoch Blouse

Ruffles at the neck, ruffles at the sleeve, ruffles at the hip, and a bright floral pattern? And we die of cuteness. Thank you, Anthropologie.

Would you wear Victorian? Or is it a nightmare for you?


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