Boulder Over

I haven’t blogged this weekend (and indeed, into this week) because I took a long weekend in Denver to visit my friend Carter, a.k.a. The Kitchenette , and then I’ve been sick. I had a fantastic time in Colorado, and found that Boulder has some excellent shopping. Due to the sickness, I think it’s time for me to show off my Boulder finds in an exclusive sickbed photoshoot!

First of all, let me go on record saying that Carter is an amazing friend, a delightful hostess, and a FANTASTIC cook. I ate better than I have probably in months; her food is tasty. Also, she took me to some great restaurants. Before heading out to Boulder, we stopped at Snooze for breakfast. Holy culinary amazingness! Their pancakes are DIVINE. I got the Red Velvet Pancakes, which have a drizzle of cream cheese frosting, praline syrup, and pecans. Heaven in my mouth.

Pearl Street is the main shopping thoroughfare in Boulder. Part college town, part hippie commune, part winter wonderland (though there wasn’t any snow when we were there), Boulder has a charm about it. Our first stop was Shoe Fly for shoes (of course, what else?). They were having a fantastic sale; Carter picked up a pair of glittery ballet flats and I splurged on a pair of Poetic Licence shoes in grey and yellow. The guy who was helping us was very hippie crunchy granola. He showed me a pair of fur-lined clogs; I think my nose might have wrinkled at the sight! But he was very knowledgeable about shoes and helpful.

We hit the jackpot at Urban Outfitters–all their sale items were an additional 30% off! I picked up a pair of blue leather gloves with gold trim–very princessy:

And I got myself a pair of turquoise Kimchi Blue flats:

And a turquoise cocktail hat. Which seems like a ridiculous purchase, but it’s really cute on, I love the long dramatic feathers, and it was really affordable!

A stop at LUSH was a necessity; I wanted some bath bombs and bubbles. The sales staff were very helpful; almost overly so. The best bit was the cutest little customer–a tiny little boy–so excited about his blue robot bath bomb and helpfully grabbing things for his mom. He wanted one of the little yellow LUSH bags “for candy”. I’ve already used up my Frog Prince bath bomb and some of my Magic Mushroom bubble bar; my Space Girl bomb is still intact, but maybe not for long.

I picked up the most gorgeous necklace for only $14 at Common Era; the gold spiral is both tactile and kind of retro-’70’s. I loved this store; it’s so well-curated and original. Lots of clothes, lots of accessories, a great space and I adored the chandeliers hanging everywhere.

Additionally, I picked up some used books from local bookstores. The fact that it’s a college town ensures a wide variety of great (sometimes only very lightly used) books. Trident Booksellers is a small, packed store, but it has a cute little coffee shop with it. Boulder Book Store is MUCH larger, with a selection of both new and used books. Their travel section is comparably vast, and I was able to pick up a travel memoir there.

Anyway, I kind of went crazy in Boulder. If you ever manage to get out there; take a walk along Pearl–almost guaranteed you’ll find something to love!

3 thoughts on “Boulder Over

  1. Awww. I love hearing of adventures with our friends! I am glad you got away and happy that Carter took such good care of you. Both of you are #goo friends 🙂 So. When are you visiting me?

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