One Dress, Four Ways

Clearly, I’m prepping for spring and summer. I probably won’t be adding to my winter wardrobe, but I can be thinking ahead for crisp, cotton dresses for summer. This white Modcloth dress, the Who’s That Girl Dress, will be PERFECT. But white is not my best color ever, so of course, I would have to accessorize it up. I have decided to show you this one dress done in four different styles, and for fun I’ll give you a chance to vote on which version you like best!

Red, White, and Blue

Classic red, white and blue, with a retro polka-dot throwback. The Irregular Choice heels are a bit flamboyant; the wedges would be better for a conservative approach. Plastic and resin jewelry would make this a perfect choice for a casual picnic in the park on the Fourth of July!

Spring Breeze

Softening up the look for spring here, we have a turquoise and seafoam color scheme. The sandals are a bold turquoise, whereas the cardigan is softer. Choose a substantial necklace, either in a bold color or a soft white, and you’ll be lovely and delicate.


This dress can be soft and girly, but if it’s too soft and girly for you, you can toughen up the look. A classic fitted denim jacket and elements from nature, like an animal print wedge and wood jewelry make it look like the cousin to a crisp white shirt appropriate for early morning on the Serengeti. Sort of.

Swan Queen

Taking some inspiration from the film Black Swan, I chose to use the sweet, innocent White Swan as a muse for this look. Using barely-there pastels in dove grey, pink, or turquoise and flat ballet shoes with ankle ties, the dress looks ready for a day on the barre. A classic, minimal necklace from a major name (The key necklace is a piece from Tiffany) adds to the delicate appearance. And then a cheeky twist–the black swan in ring form.

So, time to vote!

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