Music Monday: Grammy Winner(s?)

I didn’t watch much of the Grammys last night. I watched Gaga wearing a busted condom. I fast-forwarded through all of Justin Bieber. I recorded a section specially while I went to Target so I could watch The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and Bob Dylan. Mumford rocks harder than folk rightfully should. It’s awesome to watch. And they rock live without any special effects. My Twitter feed exploded when the Album of the Year was announced and it was Arcade Fire.

I’ve featured Arcade Fire here before, with their song “My Body is a Cage”. Their latest album, The Suburbs, won the Grammy. They are amazing. This is one of the songs of theirs that I can’t get enough of, “We Used to Wait”.

Another major thing that has happened since I posted a Music Monday post, and that is the release of The Civil Wars’ album, Barton Hollow. Or should I say, the MUCH ANTICIPATED release. I feel like I’m totally ahead of the curve, since I’ve known about them for MONTHS. (Thank you, Lula, my musical angel.) But I think that everyone should know about them, and that they should sweep the Grammys next year! So, do your part, and go BUY the album, (Don’t file share! Pay them!) And watch this video.

Any favorite Grammy moments I should know about?

One thought on “Music Monday: Grammy Winner(s?)

  1. About to email you my favorite “version” of “We Used To Wait.” I hope Sunshine doesn’t mind…because it’s GOLD.

    p.s. I love you. Don’t SHARE, BUY them. Support these artists! Save the dropboxing for Lady Gaga. Word.

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