Anchors Away!

After a couple of weeks of really cold weather, the sun shone again today.  I went out without a coat, in just a sweater.  I’m thinking ahead toward spring and summer now.  Also New York Fashion Week is looking forward to the future of fashion right now.  I haven’t had time to go through the slideshows of all the shows, but I’ll be doing that soon.

In the meantime, I’m going with my instinct for spring and summer styles.  And right now I’m feeling like we’re following up a summer of “I’m on a boat, mothafuckah”, with actually looking like we’re on a boat–sailor-style.  I want sailor pants, sailor dresses, espadrilles, and retro anchor jewelry.


Retro sailor pinup dresses deserve great shoes. The simple, crisp navy and white styles would offset a pair of red heels, even, if you’re bold, or matching navy ones if you’re a little more conservative.

The French sailor look gets updated. Instead of the iconic red and white stripe, this boatneck top has yellow stripes instead. Still a great look with a navy blue pant. It’s a cool look with the bright yellow shoes and a stack of enamel bangles. (Which I am loving right now. Kate Spade has a ton.)

So, feeling nautical? Or no?


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