Girl Detective

One of the style blogs I read announced an upcoming collaboration between the surf and streetwear clothing company Stüssy and the iconic shoe brand Keds.  They’ll be debuting the Taper Toe Champion in April, which is this shoe here:


I saw this image and FREAKED OUT.  I squealed (at least in my head) “It’s the Nancy Drew shoe!

See, there was a time in my life (somewhere around 9th grade) where all I wanted to wear were Keds shoes.  In white, which my mother would not buy me, because she knew they would get filthy dirty.  So I had a pair in black instead.  I also was a voracious reader.  I did not own the Nancy Drew book series, because my mom thought there were more edifying books I could read than formulaic mystery stories.  (Again, she was right–I read a lot of marvelous, award-winning books.)  But there was always something about those bright yellow books with their 60’s era covers that called to me.  My friend Tasha owned a bunch of them, so I read a couple of them at her house, thrilled by the girl detective.

There was one cover in particular that I remembered.  Nancy and her friends, George and Bess were on the cover, and there were these fantastic shoes–pointy-toed Keds!  I knew none of my friends would wear a shoe with a pointy toe, but I wanted them.  And wished Keds would bring them back!

I went searching for this image and could not find it for the life of me.  I was beginning to think I’d made it up.  Then I came across the cover for The Clue of the Broken Locket.


I realized I’d been looking for book covers that showed the character’s feet–here they have their shoes in their hands.  And not only do they have the tapered Keds, they are MATCHING to each character’s blouse–baby blue, yellow and pink.   The Stüssy X Keds collaboration will, unfortunately, not be available in pastels, but they will come in black, natural and red.

I enjoyed looking through the book art for the Nancy Drew books while I was on the hunt, though.  Especially the covers by Rudy Nappi, with their noir, pulp-type feel.  I also liked some of the silhouettes–classic hourglass dresses, pencil skirts and cropped jeans.   Which leads me to the frightening question: have my style decisions since I was 14 been based on a plucky girl sleuth?


3 thoughts on “Girl Detective

  1. Omg!! I read every one of those books along with The Little House on the Prarie series. Seeing that cover here brings back some good memories. Oh and the Keds!! I always had the white ones and wished I had the black ones. I also always wanted a bonnett so I’m thinking your decision to base style choices on the girl sleuth was smarter than looking like Laura Ingalls.

  2. For a second there I thought that book was titled The Clue of the Brooke Lockhart. I srsly did a double take. Silly me.
    And yes, I’ve always wanted Keds but alas, as a wee little one, I was forced to make due with the knock offs from K-Mart that didn’t even have a faux blue square on the back. Maybe now I will finally get that coveted blue square on my kicks.

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