Battle the Bland

I’ve been looking for apartments.  It’s totally premature, but I’m applying for jobs and hoping to be moving this summer.  I was despairing last night to my friend Marcie about how sick I am of apartment living.  My main complaint about apartments is they are just so bland.  They’re all so boring and white and the same.  I hate big apartment complexes; that’s why I moved this summer from a huge complex built in the 90’s to a small one with a charming courtyard that was built in the 60’s.   I like an apartment with some character.

I’ve decided that if and when I move, I’m going to try to find a place that has character, of course, and will let me paint.  Then maybe i need to update my color scheme to something that really stands out.  Here are some color schemes I’m really loving right now.

Black and White



I’ve already embraced the black and white color scheme in  my dining room.  However, how fabulous would a big living room look in all black and white? With a stark palette like this, I think textures are important.  I love a glossy black, and either a very modern look or a rococo look.

Kelly Green and Black




I am having a kelly green moment.  But I don’t want to live in a leprechaun’s house.  White and black offset the vivid green perfectly.  And it feels alive, like the lawn under your feet on a sunny summer day.  I love a bright green couch, too.  Tempting…

Yellow and Grey




There’s something so fresh about this color combination.  I wouldn’t naturally put these two colors together, but there’s something that is very Scandinavian and rustic, while at the same time modern.

Got any other suggestions for great color combinations?  That’s what the comments are for!


One thought on “Battle the Bland

  1. What about the black and white with dashes of kelly green when you are having one of those green moments? like some gorge throw pillows or a huge bright arrangement? that way, when the moment passes or changes to like and orange or blue kind of day, you can interchange or remove said pieces. Then maybe your look will never get boring and you can feel free to experiment without all the cost of redoing the whole room. Just a thought. <3!

    PS– I really do LOVE that kelly green wall though. A LOT.

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