Cheap, Chic, Revolutionary

This morning, our secretary complimented my eyes.  It was amazing, since she kind of hates me.  Oh, well, the feeling is mutual.  But there’s a good reason why my eye makeup has been looking better than ever lately.  I changed my technique by adding a smudged thick line of NYX eye pencil.  Purple is the best.  I am so happy that I found NYX Cosmetics!


I line my waterline with black eyeliner first, then I take one of the jumbo NYX liner pencils and line the top and bottom rims.  And usually it looks kind of sloppy.  Then I just gently smudge the lines with a fingertip.  And then it looks good!  Easy.


The best part of NYX cosmetics is that they are professional-quality cosmetics that are cheaper than drugstore cosmetics.  They offer really good value for the money.  They have a wide selection, as well.  Both your everyday cosmetics and glittery special occasion stuff.


Speaking of which, I desperately want some of their fancy fake lashes.  I’m a sucker for such things.  And such fun shapes and colors!  Sure, I really have nowhere to wear such things, but I still want it.  Plus, it’s an inexpensive indulgence.

You can pick up a NYX kit for a really good price (112 eyeshadows for $35 is pretty cheap!).  For equivalent kits from MAC, you would pay a couple hundred dollars.  You can experiment with new colors and textures this way.

NYX saved my butt a few years back.  I decided it would be a good idea to lighten my eyebrows up for summer, so I did a little at-home bleaching.  It looked really good, and I was pleased with the outcome.  Then I went on a class trip to Hawaii.  By day two, I noticed something quite odd–my eyebrows had partially turned highlighter yellow in the sun!  I had to live with it all week, but when I got back to California, I had to find a solution.  NYX was the only company that offered a light brown eyebrow pencil that helped balance out my bright yellow eyebrows.  LIFESAVER!

Right now, HauteLook is having a NYX sale event.  Six jumbo eye pencils for $16.50!  I can confidently suggest any of the eyeliners and the Doll Eye mascara.  If you don’t have a membership to HauteLook and would like an invite, let me know in the comments!


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