Books You Must Read

Every now and again I have to bring a little klass to this blog, and talk books. I am a voracious reader. I read every day for fun. I just finished a poor book, then an okay book, and now I’m working my way through a good book. You truly can’t judge a book by its cover, so maybe it’s time I gave some tried and true recommendations.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Okay, I know you’re going to find this book surrounded by a bojillion books about vampires and supernatural romance titles. It is in the TEEN section. And it’s horrifying, some of the stuff you’ll find there. But this book is GOOD, no matter what your age. I would probably call it the best book I read in 2010. The dystopic world is fascinating, and the writer does not give her characters the easy out. It’s challenging and thrilling.

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

I got this book as a present, and I put off reading it for about…eight months. And then when I read it I wondered what had taken me so long. I love history, and this book ricochets back and forth through time, giving the stories behind the fragments left behind in an ancient holy book, a Jewish Haggadah. The book becomes the main character, and each mystery unfolds and is beautifully illuminated.

The Queen of the South by Arturo Perez-Reverte

Perez-Reverte has written a number of good novels, combining mystery and human drama. I think I own a good percentage of them. But nothing has topped The Queen of the South for me. It’s a story of a drug dealer’s girlfriend who ends up going into the business herself. She is shrewd, surrounding herself with useful people after a series of events that combine luck with skill. It looks at the dissonance between being vulnerable in love and taking care of one’s business ruthlessly.

What are you reading? Any suggestions for me?


3 thoughts on “Books You Must Read

  1. I have People of the Book in my Nook library, thanks to you. Now I’ll add Queen of the South. Because you said so.

    I just finished Gathering Blue & Messenger, the 2 companion books to Lois Lowry’s magnificent The Giver. Both were very good. I also just finished Across The Universe, the “next big YA thing,” & Iiked it. Currently I’m reading Sydney Sheldon’s Rage of Angels. I don’t even care who knows it. Sheldon is the master storyteller & has long been a favorite. I put off reading RoA
    because I thought it wouldn’t interest me. (Mafia, the legal world, & his standard tome’ of a woman
    overcoming her wrongs & essentially biting off
    d*ck to do so.) How wrong I was. It captured me from the 1st chapter. Sydney Sheldon is the shizzzzzzzzzz. Love me through it.

  2. I’m on the third Dragon Tattoo Girl book. I liked them, but didn’t go crazy over them like the 40 people who recommended them to me. I sort of saw the books as a grown-up Hunger Games, Lisbeth is like a grown-up Katniss, not perfect, not always making choices in her best interest, and not always totally likable. I do like that in a female protagonist….

    I have People of the Book on my shelf, also a gift. Maybe I will have to get onto reading it sooner than later!!

    But next up is ‘The Girl Who Fell from the Sky’ which is my book club book. Have you read it?


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