Wednesday Wants: Pretty Sparkly Things

I have been feeling dull and dreary this month. The glittery sparkly things of Christmas are gone, and we’re on to the grey days and blah of January. And my pretty things in my jewelry drawer are losing their sparkle, too. I don’t buy too much jewelry, so I could use an infusion of new, fresh, lovely things. So today’s Wednesday Wants is dedicated to jewelry.

Pink Agate Geode Silver Necklace

Geode necklaces are very “in” right now. I have the feeling, too, that they will quickly be on their way out. But with this vibrant raspberry color and beautiful silver setting, I think this might have a little bit of staying power. I love some of the organic shapes and materials in jewelry right now. Much better than a crystal on a chain.

Radiolaria Necklace

Speaking of organic shapes, this silicone necklace’s inspiration was ripped off from nature right down to the cellular level. The material is interesting and unusual, and the look is sharp and interesting. It’s casual, but a huge step up from an armful of rubber bracelets from high school. There’s nothing cheap about this look.

Brass Feather Ring

I really like brass as a jewelry metal. I know, sometimes you get a little bit of green finger, but it’s so beautiful. For everyday, I like the understated nature of brass. Also, this feather is really sweet–it looks like a pattern until you see the ends.

A Lady Ought Necklace

I actually own a necklace from this shop, the Petit Secret. I would love to add this more unusual piece to my collection. The silhouette is classic, with the twist of all the other little images worked into the piece. With a big wind-up crank on top. Gorgeous, and a bit of a statement, with the name “A Lady Ought”.

Celina Signature Cuff

I’ve wanted one of these for a while, ever since my ultra-stylish friend Marta showed up with an armful of them. Amazing, high-quality leather goods, with a classic style. They’re always coming out with new colors and leather finishes for these. And of course, this purple is all about where my wardrobe is at right now.

Or maybe I need the Vesuvius Tie Cuff:

A little edgier. Maybe a little more my style? And the sale price has me pondering whether it’s time to spring for one of these.

Got any jewelry to recommend? Any pretty sparkly things to light up a dull January day?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: Pretty Sparkly Things

  1. OMG all these pieces leave me feeling girlie…and wanting to be girlie! You definitely know where to find great jewelry! Loved it!

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