Music Monday: It’s Not All Sweetness

A couple of out-there music suggestions for this Monday. Because sometimes everybody wants some chick (or a dude) screaming in his or her ear. And drums. And maybe occasionally some screamed profanity.


I’ll ease you into it slowly with an artist you’re probably familiar with: Paramore. Hayley Williams has pretty colored hair. She’s an adorable girl. She has a great voice. Worth listening to.

Paper Thin Hymn

This song kills me, every time. It is passion and sadness and questioning. I am always nervous embedding versions that aren’t live, because they so often get yanked, but I couldn’t do the acoustic. The swell at the beginning of the song is so amazing.

I’m So Sick

I am so surprise this little girl has such a big voice. Also that she hasn’t blown it out with all the screaming. The discontent and ennui in this song are powerful. (Sorry, no matter what version I try, I can’t get this video or the next to embed. But go to YouTube. Just this once.)

Hollywood Undead

I can’t help it. I feel almost guilty listening to these poseurs, because they can literally be offensive. They wear masks. They swear a lot. They’re misogynists. Yet, they make me giggle. Huh. They seem to not take themselves too seriously, and some of their songs have humorous lyrics and ideas.

What are you listening to this Monday?

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