Current Obsession: Tokyo Milk

My online friendlies and I had a secret Santa exchange over Christmas, which was so much fun. My secret Santa bought me a couple of things that I am now totally obsessed with: Tokyo Milk.

I’d seen the products before, and loved the vintage Asian images on the packages. But getting to try it was a revelation. The scents are amazing. I got a bar soap in Rose Flower and a candle in Gin & Rosewater. The bar is a generous chunk of fine soap with a prominent scent, but not overwhelmingly so. The candle has the perfect mix of sweet and fresh scents. To tell the truth, I’d kind of like to buy ALL the candles. I’ve definitely got Dead Sexy, Contemplation, Lapsang Su Chong, French Kiss, Ex Libris, and Paper & Cotton on my list to buy.

Also on my list of “must try” products is the new Tokyo Milk Dark Lip Elixirs. All the dark products are in black packages with a touch of color. The flavors aren’t your typical strawberry lip balm; they’re a little sexier. I’m dying to try the absinthe flavor, but in a pinch I’d gladly take the salted caramel, the smoked salt, or even the clove cigarette (college memories!).

Thanks to my dear friend and secret Santa Mrs. Kowski (aka @2Cute4TO) for the wonderful gifts!


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