Fug Me (Out of Necessity) Friday: Puffer Jackets

I am guilty of my own fug.

I hang my head in shame as I admit this.  My fug has some deep roots, and I just can’t seem to give it up.  I have a variety of really stylish coats and jackets–fur collar, houndstooth check, sassy raincoat, etc.  Yet every morning I trudge downstairs and grab my puffer jacket.  Not only does it make me look hideous, but it’s reversible–black to lime green.  And it buttons in front.  And the buttons gape.  My humiliation is complete.

Models and actresses can occasionally make these wearable sleeping bags look good.  But for the rest of us, you know, that have more than 1% body fat, we look like, wellllll…YOU KNOW:

Not all puffer coats are alike.  Some have belted waists, which look better, and some have strategic quilting that makes you look a little less boxy.  But let’s face it–you’re swaddling your body in down feathers; you want to have some bulk there.  And bulk you have.

It is a practical item, and I hesitate to harp at it because it is a necessity for cold weather climes, but I just wish there were a better option.  Something that didn’t make you look like you’re wearing your comforter out.  At least if y0u do wear one, make it practical.  I have no idea what the designer of this jacket was thinking:

Try to avoid the patent leather look.  The shinier the coat, the worse the look gets.  Looking like you’re drowning in a trash bag   just doesn’t cut it.  It looks like bad fetish wear.  And speaking of fetishes–the idea that sparked this whole post off was this article in Viceland.com entitled Oedipus Would Have Loved Puffer Jackets, about those who have a fetish about the coat.  NSFW and disturbing, though the video of pretty girls in puffer jackets was (mostly) laughable.  I think it MIGHT just be what I needed to scare me into another coat come Monday morning.


2 thoughts on “Fug Me (Out of Necessity) Friday: Puffer Jackets

  1. I want a puffer coat and never have gotten one cause they never fit right. Perhaps they are not meant too. But I hate the cold and I am always cold. I also am fashionably challenged so whatever. LOVE YOU

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