Wednesday Wants: I’m Still COLD!

Seriously, people, you are making this TOO EASY.

I don’t post a damn thing yesterday because I spent so much time trying to talk myself out of working out (I didn’t manage it–holla!), and it was my best day yet, numbers wise.  You gave me 150 hits for doing bupkis.  Seriously, I am beginning to feel like I’m being punk’d.  So many hits!  Thank you so much.  Really.

Okay, back to business.  One of the things I’m really missing about summer right now is wearing dresses.  I have two closets in my bedroom, and I keep going to my dress closet in the morning, then realizing there’s nothing in there in the morning, and then regretfully going to my trousers closet.  I go looking for winter dresses, but they all seem like spring dresses instead.  I don’t need anything sleeveless in a light cotton right now.  I’m freezing my ass off!  So today, I want real winter dresses to wear to work!

Tahari by Arthur S. Levine Cowl Neck Sweater Dress


I automatically think of sweater dresses when I think winter dresses.  I own two: one that’s too short and I have to wear as a tunic, and one that’s really weird fitting that I bought off of eBay that I just haven’t donated to charity yet.  This is perfect.  It looks snuggly and cozy while at the same time being something you could wear to work with boots and a long necklace.  Plus the fit seems nice–some sweater dresses can be clingy, emphasizing that your New Year’s resolution hasn’t paid off quite yet. This has a nice drape to it.

Free People Long Sleeve Henley Dress

I love this relaxed, long dress.  It seems like a very “laid-back weekend” type of dress that would go well with boots or a simple pair of flats.  The detail of the henley top makes it stand out, too.  I love the way this is styled with the hat, too.


Lucky Silver Dollar Dress

Last grey dress, I promise–although I do wear a lot of grey and black in the wintertime.  This dress is so cute.  The faux-wrap front isn’t too low to wear to work, and the long sleeves will keep you warm.  I also like the hourglassy shape.

Craft Market Maven Dress

Raise your hand if you just knew I was going to put a Mad Men-inspired dress in this list!  Okay, I’m fine with being predictable.  You know I can’t help but picture Christina Hendricks filling this dress out in all the right places.  Those places that the mannequin lacks.  It looks a little bland in this picture, but I think if it was fit just right to a body, it could be amazing.


ASOS Tailored Check Pleat Fold Dress

I LOVE this.  Best for last!  And I’m a total liar, because this is another grey dress.  Eh.  But it’s PLAID, so it’s interesting.  Plus the pleats and folds are delightful.  Yes, it’s a sleeveless dress, so you’d have to wear a sweater over it.  I would imagine that best would be a short sweater where you’re not covering up the incredible waist and hips.

What do you want this Wednesday?

Note: I still have invitations to Pinterest available.  Comment it up if you want one!  Comment it up if you don’t!  You people need to start talking now that I KNOW you’re out there!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: I’m Still COLD!

    1. The description says it’s LIME GREEN. Doesn’t look quite lime green to me, but the other pictures show more green than the full frontal view I chose. It is super sexy.

      And that sweater dress you posted! I love how it has that back detail! It looks like just a simple dress from the front, but then you turn around, and…BAM! Very nice.

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