I Turn Your Crank. Admit It.

According to my searches and most popular posts, you people have unique tastes. You are discriminating. You want only the best. And you dream big. Using my talent for tastespotting and trendsetting, here are the upcoming blog posts I believe you might want to see:

1. Jersey Shore boys grow mustaches!

2. Mumford and Sons’ New Year’s Resolution: Travel!

3. Gwen Stefani in Dia De Los Muertos makeup

By special request (a.k.a. from the search terms)

4. Men on a bike

(According to the search term, it was actually supposed to be these guys in winter, but you can’t have everything, people. Imagine them in the snow, instead.)

5. Scary Pin-Up

And everyone seems to want to see more of this:

6. Bob Harper Shirtless

Twist my arm, people.











Hey, guys?






Yeah, you kinda pervy ones, over there…






I got the memo. I have what you want.




And a super-special bonus…


You’re welcome.


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