I have an accordion file upstairs in my office/library room filled with magazine pages. See, I have a magazine issue. (Geddit?) I love the beautiful pictures, the glossy pages, the ideas and inspiration that fill every magazine. I would like to keep a copy of every magazine that appeals to me. But that takes up a lot of room and odds are, I won’t ever read the magazine again. I kept a ton of magazines in my old apartment and ended up having to cart them, box by heavy box, down three flights of stairs to the trash. So now I’m on a “current issue only” streamlining kick.

But what about all the pretty pictures? The things I want to buy, just not yet? The inspiration for crafts and projects and home design? That can’t all go in the trash! Thus, the accordion file, filled with pictures of beautiful things. I go through it every now and again, pull out things that I’m over now, put back the things that I want to keep.

The accordion file has just been PWNed, and pwned HARD. Think of all those images, all the pretty things you see on the internet, all the books you want to read, clothes you want to buy, and adorableness you want to put in your pocket and keep forever, and then add social networking. Like a giant bulletin board, Pinterest lets you create and share images. If you like what you see someone else put up, then you can “pin” it on your own “board”. It appeals to both sides of the brain; the creative side which loves a plethora of images and ideas, and the logical side which likes things organized and easy to find. You can “follow” trendsetters or people with tastes that interest and intrigue you and see what they are pinning, you can search for images, or you can be the first one to pin an image. As Pinterest says, it’s a visual catalog of the things you love.

It reminds me somewhat of Tumblr, except less “stream-of-consciousness”. You can take on multiple subjects, but they are all organized into their own boards. I’ve taken the approach that my Pinterest boards are going to be kind of like the mansion of my mind, with different rooms. I’ve got a scintillating group of celebrities inhabiting my dream cocktail party in The Cocktail Lounge, fashion is covered in four boards: In the Dream Dressing Room (for clothes), The Beauty Bar (nails and makeup), Shoe Closet (for shoes, of course), and The Drawer of Finishing Touches (for accessories). Home goods and furniture can be found on a board called House Proud, books are in The Library, and inspiring house, travel, and outdoor scenes are located in Favorite Places and Spaces. Plus, I have a board called Beautiful Things for anything that doesn’t fit into those categories. However, you can organize your boards however you like: by color, theme, by project idea or by the categories that Pinterest suggests when you first set up your account.

Your account can be connected to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and you have the option of posting or tweeting your pins, as well. But the account itself–well, that’s the tricky part. See, I had to wait for mine. The account is free, but currently Pinterest is in private beta. Which means you can’t just sign up and start pinning. They have to approve you first. But I HAVE GOOD NEWS! *drumroll please*

(All good news should be preceded by Hot Alex, don’t you think?) As part of finally being approved, Pinterest has given me FIVE invitations to others to sign up. No waiting to be approved; if you’re cool by me, you’re cool by them. I feel very exclusive right now. So, lovelies, first five comments on this blog post get the invites! Simple as that!

Let the comments begin!

All images in this post found on Pinterest


15 thoughts on “Pinterested?

    1. Heck yes, he does! I’m liking the smokey eye he’s got going here. So, do you want the invite, or are you just popping in because you love #HotAlex?


    Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the names for your boards. I might have to try something equally, but most likely less, witty on mine.

    (Yes, I want an invite please!)


  2. Erm…any invites left? I would sure like to play too.

    PS– I adore your board names. I want to steal them. But I won’t. I will wait for my invite first. 😉

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