Wednesday Wants–Late. Jersey Shore Edition, which should make up for the lateness.

I have a secret (in my real life)/not-so-secret (on Twitter) love of Jersey Shore. I anticipate the sweet sweetness of watching those morons beat on each other and spread their venereal diseases around. Every Jersday, I tune in, let my brain go on vacation, and watch Snooki & co. get drunk and show their vajays/abs to the world. It’s blissful.

My friend Ashli tweeted a link to a tee-shirt tonight that I totally want. So Jersey Shore is now going to inform this post, as I want things that are slightly trashy, with a touch o’class.

Here’s the tee-shirt in question:

MVP (Mike, Vinnie and Pauly) have a changing ritual before they go out to the clubs where they change into their tee-shirts and sing a little song that goes “It’s TEE-SHIRT TIIIIIIIME!” It’s beautiful. Makes me weep with joy.

That wee midget Snooki loves her some knee-high socks. While I might not want to wear mis-matched socks with stars or stripes on them out in public, I sure do like these

…for wearing around the house.

Jersey Shore style is all about the tight and the short. Not at all my style. But I have to say, if I had the body…

I might not mind wearing this out. Although I’m sure that the neckline is way too high for your typical Jersey Shore girl. But you won’t look like a grenade, guaranteed.

And last but not least…

A little something for my Snooki pouf. As JWoww said in tonight’s episode as they sprayed their hair to high heaven, “It’s a good thing none of us has asthma.”

And as a little bonus–in case you need to do your makeup just like Snooki–let me introduce you to Glowpinkstah, who makes the most ahem innovative makeup tutorials on YouTube.



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