This Actually Works…

Oh, my stars!  A quick product review for everyone tonight, because it deserves it.

Remember when I said I wanted a Jonathan Beauty Water shower filter for Christmas?  I got one!  My brother bought it for me.  Apparently he looked at the price tag and was like “Are you kidding me?”  But then he read the reviews on Sephora.  Not a lot of products get so many five-star reviews.  He told me it was a “practical luxury”.

First of all, it was easy to install.  Super-easy.  I’m handy, but it could be done by someone who is not at all good with tools.  Just twist off the old shower head and put the new filter on.  A wrench was all that was necessary, and I really didn’t even have to use that.   Then you run water through the filter until it runs clear (it has excess charcoal that needs to be flushed first), and put the new shower head on.

There was a difference in the softness of my hair after one wash.  I’ve had to use less lotion to keep my skin soft, and my hair has been incredibly silky and has taken curl really well.  I am hoping it makes a difference in how often I have to color my hair.  This filter WORKS.

Plus, the shower head has more settings than my plain old shower head did.  It has various pressures, including a fairly strong massage setting.  Plus, it’s a low-flow showerhead–it puts out 2.5 gallons per minute, as opposed to my old shower head which put out around 4 gallons per minute.  But the Jonathan shower doesn’t feel weak.

I am absolutely thrilled to no longer be showering in water that I wouldn’t even let go into my mouth, it was so disgusting.  My filter makes the water clean, clear, and amazing.  And a shower is something you do every day, so I think it’s worth the expense.  Two thumbs up, five stars, etc.



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