Quickie: The Biggest Loser Season 11

This morning Bob Harper tweeted:

I replied:

You bet your toned, hot ass I will. RT @mytrainerbob: Biggest Loser Season 11 premieres tonight! Will you be be watching? #fb less than a minute ago via HootSuite

I think my protected Twitter account allows me poor decision-making. I am sexually harassing Bob on Twitter because I believe he’ll never see it. Then friends re-tweet it, and oops! Harassment accomplished!

However, Bob does have a toned, hot ass. If he played for my team and ever wanted some lovin’, he could feel free to look me up. Tweet me, Bob!

I totally think that Olivia and Hannah (the Purple team!) were right to stick with Bob and Jillian. They make a good point–they have proven results. And Bob is hot.

I love that Olivia’s personality is coming through. Her “He lost a kindergartener!” comment was SO Olivia. And the fact that when Arthur on the blue team was on the floor, Olivia was in the background encouraging him and offering help. She’s fantastic.

I am so looking forward to this season! Tonight’s premiere was exciting and thrilling! Go Team Purple!

Also, THIS:


One thought on “Quickie: The Biggest Loser Season 11

  1. uh, whoops. yeah, sorry. i was one of your RTers. my bad.

    but in my defense, the world NEEDED to see your comment. and by world i mean, the 450+ people that follow me. 😉

    ps– is it weird that he’s even hotter because he doesn’t play for our team?

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