Goodbye to 2010…

Tonight I’m spending New Year’s Eve by myself, with a roaring fire and mulled wine.  Ideally, I’d like to be out with friends, but this is an acceptable second place choice.  I was reading the Huffington Post and came across this gem of an article: Complete the Year Consciously by Mike Robbins.  He encourages people to think about their year and evaluate it before laying it to rest.  He gives questions to ask yourself about the year that has gone.  So I’m going to be rather more open than I usually am on my blog and answer these questions for you as I close out my year.

1.  What were my biggest lessons in 2010?

I learned that I’m stronger than I think, and I continue to get stronger every time a challenge is faced.

I learned that it’s okay to get help when you need it.

I learned that I have some incredible friends who love me in person as well as on the internet.

I learned that sometimes I have to take care of myself, as no one else can do it for me.

2.  What am I most proud of from this past year?

I am proud of my teaching, and of the students that I am developing.

I am proud that I moved out of my old place, even though it would have been easier to stay.

I am proud that I started this blog.

I am proud that I have continued to try, even though it sometimes seems futile.

3. What were my biggest disappointments in 2010?

I was disappointed when I invited 30 people to my big birthday celebration, and only 3 showed up.

I was disappointed when I tried to stand up for myself against a co-worker, and nothing was done.

I was disappointed when my best friend from college discreetly removed herself from my life.

I was disappointed when I applied for 7 jobs that I’m qualified for, and didn’t get any of them.

I was disappointed that another year has gone by without finding “the one”.

4.  What am I ready to let go of from this past year?

I’m ready to let go of my problems with my coworkers and make an effort to not hold grudges.

I’m ready to let go of my disappointment over my job situation, and to know that I WILL be someplace new in 2011.

I’m ready to let go of my fear and uncertainty about where I’ll be when this school year ends, and whether I’ll be hired.

I’m ready to let go of my shyness and to be a better friend.

5.  What else do I need to do or say to be totally complete with 2010?

Two thousand and ten, you’ve really kicked me in the proverbial nutsack.  This year has been difficult.  But I’m finding that the shining moments, like being in LA in the summertime with my friends, are the ones that I will remember.  Two thousand and eleven needs to be a year of change, and a year of growth.  And until I let you go, I can’t move on.  So may the worst be forgotten and the best be cherished.  Goodbye, 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone!





One thought on “Goodbye to 2010…

  1. Awww, Freya! this was an awesome post! i am so proud of you! and your blog! 😉

    I hope this year brings you nothing but joy and love, yet, should you hit that proverbial bump in the road, please know that you always have a friend in texas. I srsly love you and 2011 better NOT go by without us seeing each other at least ONCE! 😉

    happy new year name twin!

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