Viewpoints From The Air

Right now I’m blogging from an airplane. This is much more fun than it should be. Thanks, Delta, for free wi-fi!

I’m heading back to the desert, and I’m very bummed about it. I have had a wonderful time on my vacation to the Portland area and I’m loath to go back home. I said to myself many times this vacation that I’m ready to move back to Portland; now to make it happen.

I still have a couple of days on vacation when I get back. I’ll be updating with a couple more Portland posts–including one about Powell’s that will be worth reading.

If you have any suggestions for things to do on my vacation or for New Year’s Eve, leave them in the comments. Thanks for all the feedback on my “Field Guide to NW Men” post. Best ever was a text from Chelsea saying that her Portland cousin texted her after reading my post to report she was in a hole-in-the-wall bar with at least two men in porkpie hats. I’m not wrong, folks!

Greetings from up in the air!


One thought on “Viewpoints From The Air

  1. Ha ha! That post has fueled LOTS of random texts & picture messages. I think it’s going to be referred to for a LONG time.

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