Christmas in the Northwest: Being Danish

Things I’ve done for Christmas so far:

Spent Lille Juleaften (December 23) with the Danish Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Portland.  Pretended to be Lutheran at the Bethany Lutheran church, where we sang carols and read responses in Danish and lit candles while singing “Fred over Jorden“.  It means “Peace on Earth”, but my Dad and I giggled about how Americans would pronounce it as we drove home.

Saw my dad’s Viking World Tour tee-shirt.  Laughed.  Discussed how nobody defeated the vikings, they just eventually went home.

Ate æbleskiver with jam and powdered sugar.  Laughed with friends and family over old jokes and new.

Lit live candles on the tree.  Made our friends nervous.

Everybody should be a little bit Danish at Christmastime.  The Danes have a concept called hygge–it’s the feeling of being cozy.  From the atmosphere to the friends you surround yourself with to the behavior with your family, everything should contribute to the increase of hygge.  I wish you hygge for Christmas.

Glædelige Jul!  Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in the Northwest: Being Danish

  1. omg. i was nervous just looking a picture of real candles being lit on the tree. srsly. my palms started to sweat.

    you danes. y’all are crazy. #ikid 😉

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