Music Monday: Covers

I’m excited about this Music Monday! Music has been a passion of mine all my life, and I have a wide variety of music that I listen to. So I love to hear when a band reinvents a hit song and makes it their own. Today is dedicated to some of the very best cover songs!

The Rescues Teenage Dream

Katy Perry, the originator of this song, showed up on my “Guilty Pleasures” Music Monday, but I don’t really like her version of this song. It seems silly and…well…teenage. But this slower, more mellow version showcases the lyrics so well. It seems wistful, instead of boastful.

The Bird and the Bee I Can’t Go For That

Hall and Oates is kind of classically kitschy and cheesy at this point. The immaculately blown-dry hair, the mustaches, the catchy tunes with a hint of electronic instrument in the background. Not my favorite. Love this cover, though, as the sweetness of the female voice make the kitschy endearing.

Bat for Lashes Use Somebody

I love me some Kings of Leon. I think I can whiff the testosterone on the MP3’s, that’s how strong it is. I rely on KOL for sexy, hard-driving rock songs. This Bat for Lashes cover is stripped down, without the rich harmonies and driving guitar of KOL. But it works.

Vampire Weekend Everywhere

I think this is my favorite of the bunch! Who would imagine that Vampire Weekend would be covering Fleetwood Mac? I love the bounce of it, I love the voices on it. I even love the masturbatory drum solo at the beginning. (You know what I mean–they do it just because it feels good.)

I need more great covers! Any suggestions?


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