Updates! AKA Pillows and Plaques

Christmas decorating is done! And I made a couple of discoveries while I was at it!

First of all, I discovered my Bjorn Wiinblad plaques! They were hiding in with my Christmas decor. However, I only had three hooks around. They look kind of sad. I have six more that are not hung yet.

Second, I discovered Burlington Coat Factory. I went looking for a sheet for an art project, and ended up finding two perfect Christmas/winter pillows! They were about $12 apiece. I also found (but passed on) Jonathan Adler throw pillows for $10 each. The only problem with a store like Burlington is that there is not a great inventory of each item. I couldn’t find a matching set of pillows for my chairs, so I bought a different one for each.

First, there’s my silver leaf one. This design is subtle, and the pillow almost matches my chair. However, the silver pattern gives it a little sparkle and sheen without being crazy (like the gold sequin pillow I passed up!).

Then I bought one in faux fur! I’m going to cuddle and love this pillow until I wear all the fur off of it. It is super-soft. I actually took a nap on it this afternoon. It’s so lovely, and the silver and white fur matches my Christmas colors.

So, now I need an opinion: when I hang the rest of my plaques, should I go straight across in a line, or down on each side of the pass-through? Weigh in!

2 thoughts on “Updates! AKA Pillows and Plaques

  1. Oh, I like the idea of framing the doorway with the plaques. Although it’s something I’d have to see before I completely signed signed off on it.

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