Wednesday Wants: Shiny Sparklies

It’s December first! The self-imposed moratorium on Christmas decorating is OVER! (Well, I will be honest; I started last night). But the tree goes up today. I get a lot of red and white (Danish flag colors) when I go to my parents’ house for Christmas, so my tree ornaments are silver and light blue. In a small space like an apartment, I want to go overboard on the decorating. Thus, my orange throw pillows are out, and I go hunting for their seasonal replacements in today’s Wednesday Wants.

Urban Outfitters Silver Foil Pillow

Not over-the-top flashy, but with a nice shine to it and a deconstructed look. I’ve actually been wanting this pillow for everyday use; the fact that it would go with my Christmas decor is just a bonus.

JLA Polar Bear Snow Pillow

More traditional and seasonal, this white and blue pillow would pick up the snowflake accents on my tree. I like the clean, folksy look of it.

Urban Outfitters Velvet Linen Pillow

This would be my number one choice if it were velvet on both sides. I’m a huge texture person; the joke is that shopping with me is like shopping with the blind–I have to touch everything. So velvet is highly appealing to me. Plus the color is perfect.

Dwell Studio Metallic Squares Silver Pillow

Similar to the first pillow in its understated glitz, this one has a little more symmetry to it. Plus it’s a sturdy linen/cotton blend. The Dwell Studio designs are amazing, in general.

Is it too over-the-top to get Christmas pillows? Or is this a common thing?

One thought on “Wednesday Wants: Shiny Sparklies

  1. “Is it too over-the-top to get Christmas pillows?”
    Not. At. All!

    I have always wanted Christmas pillows! And um….the last ones you posted….LOVES!!!

    And I say nay to the everyday pillows that just happen to work with Christmas too. Not that they aren’t great but part of the fun is pulling out the decor that you only see once a year. If you see those pillows everyday they won’t look like X-Mas pillows come December, no? Or maybe that’s just the Dwell Studio lust talking. 😉

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