Music Monday: Animal Sounds

Lula is my official music guru. She sends the best mixes. I’ve been listening to her mix Wow the Crowd lately, and here are some faves from that mix.

Metric Stadium Love

I love the beat of this song, and the images of it. Also, the lead singer is a kick-ass performer.

Rilo Kiley Portions for Foxes

The upbeat sound of the song stands in contrast to the lyrics, describing relationships that don’t work and are rushed. And also, TAXIDERMY in the video! Fun! And it always reminds me of the installation Fox Games by Sandy Skoglund at the Denver Art Museum, one of my favorite pieces of modern art.

Broken Social Scene Forced to Love

Okay, I couldn’t think of another song with an animal theme. But this is another song with broken relationships and a great beat!

What are you listening to?


One thought on “Music Monday: Animal Sounds

  1. Stadium Love is my jam. And Emily Haines is my girlfriend. She gives me lady wood.

    In that same vein, Jenny Lewis is my girlfriend. She gives me lady wood, as well. (YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT GINGERS!) Every now and then I watch “Troop Beverly Hills” and enjoy her performance as wee Hannah Neffler & I wax nostalgic for the 80’s. And Shelly Long. And Robin Leach.

    Which is to say I love Rilo Kiley. (I also enjoy Jenny & Johnny. Cool of her to perform with her fella.)

    And Broken Social Scene. Yessssssssssssssss.

    What am I listening to? Girl Talk. 24/7.

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