Wednesday Wants: Kitchenware

On the eve of the biggest home cooking day in America, there’s only one possible topic to talk about: kitchenware. Because as far as food goes, I really just want mashed potatoes. Lots of them. With gravy.

I actually have a fairly well-stocked kitchen. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some good hand-me-downs, and since I do cook, I’ve taken care to get the kitchen tools I need. However, there’s a couple of things I’d like to have.

Bodum Electric Kettle

When I was in college in England, I had an electric kettle in my dorm room. It was cheap to buy, and I used it all the time for tea, coffee, or even noodles. And it seemed like just about everyone had one. I came back to the states, and it seemed like no one had them, and they were terribly expensive if you could find them. So, despite they heat water better than the microwave, I haven’t bought one.

Bodum, a European company, makes this fantastic electric kettle. I love the colors, I love the style, and I love the convenience of quick hot water. Fifty dollars is a little more than my £10 kettle from college, but it might be something I’d be willing to splash out on.

Anthropologie Flatware

I have hand-me-down flatware from my mom. Basically, I’ve been eating off the same forks all my life. Thankfully, they’re simple and don’t look dated, but still, sometimes, I wish for something a little more unique. I love the rose color of these, plus the shape is unique and slightly dangerous looking. I don’t know if they are too unique for my plain white dishes, but I think I could make them work.

Swissmar Cheese Fondue Pot

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, my parents and I took a train trip up into the mountains in Oregon. After a beautiful, snowy trip up to a remote town, we got off the train, went into a huge bar built out of logs, and my mom and I shared a pot of the best cheese fondue ever. With locally grown golden delicious apples and crunchy green pears, it was the most amazing fondue ever. We watched the snow fall; it was just a beautiful holiday moment. I’ve always loved fondue, but since then, I’ve associated it with happiness and holidays. Plus it’s a meal that has to be shared with good friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you’re thankful for your fulfilled wishes this year!


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