Style Icon: Gwen Stefani

From quirky punk princess to sleek stylish entrepreneur and mother, Gwen Stefani has been in the public eye for a few years now. Her style continues to change and evolve, but she’s always striking and never seems to have a bad day. I can’t recall seeing a picture of her taking the trash out in sweats and no makeup.

I’ve always wanted her signature platinum blonde hair. I do not have the cojones, nor the doggedness to take care of the upkeep on my roots. But beyond the impeccable upkeep that she must put up with, there are some important lessons that Ms. Stefani imparts.

1. Commit.

If you’re going to go for a look, go all the way. Gwen Stefani wears outrageous clothes, but she does it with poise and confidence. She mixes patterns and colors, and it looks good. The jacket here seems to have an African influence, and the pants have a Scottish plaid, but she has a smile on her face and her head held high. There is no compromise there. In ordinary, non-runway life, sometimes it’s good to push your own boundaries. Don’t blunt your own style statement because it’s outside of your comfort zone.

2. Do What You Have to Do.

I love this adorable picture of Gwen Stefani. This is a few years back, of course, when she was in No Doubt. She needed her teeth fixed, and she did it. Even while in the public eye. It took Tom Cruise way too long to get his janky teeth fixed. Better to just get braces and get it over with than to put up with people talking about her teeth. And whether it be Botox, dyeing your hair, or even plastic surgery, if it needs to be done, DO IT. The sooner, the better.

3. Be a MILF.

I would guarantee that having a nanny would make this particular edict easier. Gwen looks comfortable and like she’s having fun, but still stylish and cutting edge at the park. Great sunglasses cover tired eyes and an embellished tee-shirt makes the outfit more memorable. So, go out and be sexy, even with your kids.

4. Re-interpret Classic Looks.

Once upon a time, in a little film called The Aviator, Gwen played classic film star and famous platinum blonde Jean Harlowe. She looked the part to a T. In her fashion and stage persona, she’s adopted classic looks, but always made them her own. She never goes out looking exactly like a reproduction photo; there’s always something modern about the look. Often she achieves this by taking the look to an extreme, like the portrait necklace and top hat pictured here.

You may not want to buy LAMB clothing, or sport a Harajuku Girls purse, but there’s always some style tips that can be picked up from observing Gwen Stefani.


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