Deathly Holla!

I am not immune to Harry Potter madness.  I’ve been trying to re-read all the books before Deathly Hallows came out, and I failed.  I’m currently on The Order of the Phoenix.  I saw Deathly Hallows today, and it was AMAZING.

Spoiler-free observations:

Severus Snape is finally having a good hair day.

More of this, please.  And Ginny grew up kind of hot.


Dear Ron Weasley: When did you get all broad across the shoulders and become the hotness?!?  I feel like I missed an important step here.

I’ll be seeing this movie again ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Deathly Holla!

  1. Seriously!

    Ron got all…brawny. It’s kind of hot. As are Fred and George. And Bill…even with the scars. All of them Weasley men, ‘cept Percy. Cause he’s a git.

    And I am totes going to steal Bill & Fleur’s wedding scheme. Purple and bronze, I never knew it could be so beautiful! And her dress! DIED!

    There was so much awesomeness, I think I’m going to go see it again after work tomorrow…alone.

  2. “I’m always mad at him.”

    It’s now my favorite line of the movie franchise. For myself, I’ve reworded it just a bit: “I’m always mad FOR him.” Yes, I’ve loved Ron from the very beginning. Naturally…he’s a ginger.

    Oh, heeeeeeyyyyy…Ginny & Bill. And Harry in boxer briefs.

    P.S. Love how you kept this light. Lest we start sobbing again. I’M BREEZY!!!

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