Fug Me Friday: The Faire

Ummm...no.One of my students, who has quite the flair for the dramatic, was talking to me recently about the Renaissance Faire that she went to this summer. Of course, she dressed up in her best Renaissance garb. “You know who won the costume contest?” she asked me. “A FAIRY.” She practically spat the words. And I have to agree with her sentiment. How is it that a fairy can win a Renaissance costume contest? Seriously, people, get a grip–it’s not like fairies are an extinct species that only existed in the Renaissance.  Life is not a Shakespearean play, regrettably.

NOT Heidi Klum.

I think popular culture has left some with the impression that Renaissance women dressed something like a cross between a pirate, Xena Warrior Princess, and a Victoria’s Secret model. Just because you slap a corset on doesn’t mean that you’re from the Renaissance. A ton of cleavage is not a trademark Renaissance look, despite appearances. I know this; I’m a History teacher.


Consider this rather cranky post a substitute for the unwritten post I should have done for Halloween, that would have been subtitled “Fairy Tale Princesses are Not Whores”. It seems that Halloween is a chance to reinterpret classical female character costumes with short skirts and tons o’ boob. Hello! Alice in Wonderland was approximately 8 years old. Not a slutty 27-year-old skank. Also, the Middle Ages were known more for practicality than for hearty-bosomed fun. It’s hard to adjust your neckline just right to show cleave and shoulder when you’ve got the Black Death.

Hear that, wenches?

(P.S.–how much do I love that the owner of the blog where I found this last picture named it “Mensa”? I think I’ve found my soulmate.)


2 thoughts on “Fug Me Friday: The Faire

  1. Awwwww, HALE YES! “Mensa.”

    I. Am. Dying.

    p.s. I also showed this to my father just now and he goes, “Nope. I’ve never seen any Mensa members like *that*!!!” (Yes, my dad is in Mensa. I clearly did NOT inherit the genius gene from him. It’s like I live the song “Wind Beneath My Wings.” ‘Cept my wind is mostly hot hair.)

    p.p.s. That’s a Mensa recruit in the background…he’s throwing his hands up in the air. Because he just does not care.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree on your ‘wenches’ point- all the cleavage and corsets and skimpy leather at faires does really bother me.

    However, I’m a little saddened by your opinions on fairies. It’s not so much ‘fairies didn’t exist in the Renaissance’, it’s that faires are a magical and whimsical place to be… especially when you’re small. The Fantastikals in Bristol are a group of actors who dress in fairy attire (modestly), stay completely silent, and interact only with children. At our local faire, I dress as a fairy every year, in a handmade costume, with homage to both period medieval style and fantasy. I’m a costume designer, and accuracy IS important to me. I dress this way because fairies, gypsies, and mermaids in tanks were always what make faires so wonderful to me when I was a little girl, and because I love seeing the amazement and smiles on the faces of little ones when they see me.

    So, although that’s not the rhyme or reason of most fantastical faire-goers, not every fairy is a floozy 😉

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