Wednesday Wants: The Golden Ticket

Sometimes I wish that my close relatives were landed gentry.  Or recent lottery millionaires.  I’m not picky.  I just think that the perfect gift for me would be things that are kind of out-of-reach to your run-of-the-mill teacher and family.  This Wednesday, what I really want are tickets.  My top ticket wants?

Wicked on Broadway

The touring company is coming to my hometown, but I really want to see if it in all its grandeur in its home theatre.  Ideally, I’d like to turn back time and see Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth perform.  But, since that’s not possible, I’ll take it however it comes.  I’m obsessed with the music–lots of singing along!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Actually, I already have tickets to this.  But I need someone to buy me tickets for a second showing.

The Civil Wars

They are on tour right now, bringing melancholia to the nation.  Well, not all the nation, because they’re not coming ANYWHERE near me.  I will not be seeing them live.  The best I can do is listen to their live album over and over again.  (Download it here.)  And wait for their new album, Barton Hollow.  And watch their videos on YouTube.


Paris is one city I need a do-over with. I’ve been, but did not have an optimum experience. I went with a friend who hates art (!). We both got sick. We slept in a hostel with plastic on the mattresses that crinkled and woke me up every time I turned over. And I never made it up the Eiffel Tower.

The Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton is marrying Prince William! I’m so excited! But I don’t want to watch it on TV. I want to be there. And I know there will be tickets. I want one of those suckers! I’ll even wear a hat.

What tickets are you after this fine Wednesday?


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: The Golden Ticket

  1. the only tickets i want are some Harry Potter midnighters. Sadly, I have to work and probs won’t be able to go for awhile. Think of me when you sit down to see it!

    PS– our dual posting is WIN!

    1. I’m going on Sunday with the gay boyfriend. Brunch (he pays), then Harry Potter (I pay). He shares my love of all things pop culture.

      And we’re awesome blogging buddies.

  2. Great list! I’ll replace a 2nd trip to Paris with a 2nd trip to England and ditto the whole thing. Well, except for the part about The Civil Wars. I’ll have to check them out – I like a bit of melancholia on occasion.

    I wish I’d seen Idina & Kristen on Broadway, too, but I did catch Wicked in Dallas a couple of years ago. I’ll spare you a rapturous monologue about how much I loved it and just tell you I cried. That musical is a Big Deal with me.

    Update: The Civil Wars? I LOVE THEM. THANK YOU.

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