The Obvious Choice in Conservative Desert Wear

I am not exempt from the Sex and the City effect. As one might imagine, it hits my interests in several ways. Fashion, city life, writing, being single–all interests or experiences of mine. I love the series, and the first movie was pretty good, too. I had a bad feeling about the second movie, so I refused to see it in the theater. I rented it and watched it tonight, and I’m pretty ashamed that I have.

The majority of the movie takes place in Abu Dhabi, a conservative Muslim country. So the grand idea for movie 2 is to get rid of the city, and also get rid of the sex? A couple of pointed statements were made on the conservatism of such a place, generally using Samantha as the vehicle for that story, but the focus was more on the ultra-luxurious, sheltered vacation that they’re taking. Butlers for each of the four women? Absolutely. Protection from the rules and regulations of the ultra-conservative society that they’re in? Of course. They talk more about their real lives than we actually get to see of their lives.

So, the movie wasn’t fantastic. The costuming was, as always, amazing (with the exception of one or two weird items–but that’s par for the course, really). Unfortunately, due to their surroundings, I kept feeling uneasy about their bared shoulders, legs, or cleavage. My favorite part of their collective Middle East wardrobe, however, was the abundance of long, flowing skirts. The maxi dress taken to a radical extreme. These skirts had actual trains on them.

I’ve decided that this will be my new summer hot weather staple. I’m going to snap up all the formal skirts I can, pair them with a jaunty t-shirt, and be super-uber fashionable. See if I don’t.

Or I could just go like this.

Ahh, yes. VERY good, indeed.

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