Post Root Canal

Root canals hurt.  Quote me on it.

They also totally sap the energy out of me to blog about something ugly, in keeping with my resolution to do a “Fug Me Friday”.

Hello, Lover.
Instead, all I want to do is watch Vicar of Dibley on Netflix.  Preferably the episodes with Richard Armitage, who is dreamy.  And take vicodin.  So that’s what I shall do.

But I shall share a classic Vicar moment with you.

One thought on “Post Root Canal

  1. OH. MY. GAWD!!!

    How the H did I miss THIS post!?!?! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
    Like private time LOVE him. ::ahem::

    I first saw him in North & South and then proceeded to watch EVERYTHING else I could find with him. Including that awful Robin Hood. I pretty much suffered through that show just for his scenes.


    we are defs soulmates, yanno. 😉

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