Music Monday: Lula’s Mix

I am musically dependent on my friend Lula, who sends me great mixes in the mail. I pretty much listen to them on a loop in my car. She threw some songs on a CD for me lately, and once again, I’m wowed.I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite songs from my new “La Lounge” CD. (Yes, she titles all her CD’s. Love it.)

In Ruins by Fol Chen

I know nothing about Fol Chen. A brief Google search revealed that that’s how they like it. But I love this song.

Whole New Way by Scissor Sisters

I think I just like the line “I got your tail between my legs”. Tee hee.

Head Over Heels by Digital Daggers

As if the original by Tears for Fears wasn’t haunting enough, this cover is melancholy and symphonic.

Shampain by Marina and the Diamonds

Champagne made by an angel named Glittering Gabriel? OF COURSE.

Next Girl by The Black Keys

“I wanted love but not for myself
But for the girl so she could
So she could love herself”


What’s on repeat in your world?


6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Lula’s Mix

  1. OH. MY. STARS. This live version of “Whole New Way” is slaying me…with how great it sounds, but also with how awesome the band members are. White people breaking it down. Awesome.

    We wore out Fol Chen’s “In Ruins” this summer….had it on all our summer playlists. I heard Weeds used it in their Zack Morris-does Ruth Jamison-in-a-bar scene. WHICH IS SO FREAKING HOT.

    I think Marina & the Diamonds are gonna be what Florence has become this year. Meaning, I hope she rises from obscurity, because she’s amazing and more people need to be appreciating her. And champagne made by Gabriel. Duh.

    Applause for Digital Daggers…such a great cover of Tears For Fears’ original. I mean, really.

    I shan’t say a word about The Black Keys. They are sacred & don’t need my ruminations.

    Moving onto your blog…your tag line is fantastic, because the superfluous is very necessary, indeed. I also appreciate the “LiLi is awesome” tag, for its general awesomeness. And there I see e. e. cummings. Which serves to confirm once again that yes, you are my people. And I love you.

    The end.

    1. Where to begin?

      First with the love. Love you and your music. Thank you!!!

      I think it’s time for me to buy that Scissor Sisters album.

      And was there any question that we are each other’s “people”?

  2. Oh, wow. THANK YOU for reminding me of The Black Keys. Not like I could ever really forget them, but just how incredible that song is had momentarily slipped my mind. Momentarily!

    Also, the other songs are new to me, too. I’m totally hooked on this Fol Chen one right now. Incredible. There need to be more Lula’s sending musical presents ’round.

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