Adorable Aprons

I cooked last night. From scratch. Made up a delicious vegetarian casserole. And then it occurred to me that I didn’t even bother to put on an apron. See, I have a developing apron fetish. First a student’s grandmother made me a cute apron with chile peppers on it (this is New Mexico, after all–people have a major chile addiction), then I saw the adorable aprons Anthropologie makes, and I was hooked.

My Aprons

I can only find the link to one apron there: the Stockholm apron from Anthropologie in turquoise. The layered half-apron in the middle I bought on sale at Anthro, but I can’t find any evidence online that it ever existed.

So, I need to start wearing the aprons while I cook. To plan for more cooking (and the holiday season, of course), here are the aprons I need to cook well.

Anthropologie Perfect Paisley Apron

Kind of 60’s retro, in a perfect blue color.

Jessie Steele Bib Doris Black with White Bias Apron

So very “I Love Lucy”, this basic black and white apron has a cheeky retro style.

Target Danica Studio Neema Apron

Notice how “retro” seems to be a theme? Another great 60’s style in green by my favorite store and addiction, Target.

Maggie Market Fresh Pears by Boojiboo on Etsy

Handcrafted Etsy goods are my kryptonite. I’ve been lusting after any apron from this Etsy seller forever, but I love the bright colors and full skirt of this one.

Do you apron up in the kitchen? Or go strictly apron-free?


3 thoughts on “Adorable Aprons

  1. Um. All of those aprons are nicer than my work clothes and pretty much all my “nice clothes”. Think anyone would know they were aprons if I wore them out? Very cute but I think I’d be afraid to get them messy. I cook alot and I have to admit I don’t own a single apron 😦

    1. Ohhhhhh, this is a SHAME. You need an apron, ASAP! You’re supposed to get them dirty–they are all washable! Better than your clothes getting all messy.

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