Music Monday: Old Skool

I listened to this today:

As soon as I went on Twitter and even MENTIONED the name of the song, I got a wide variety of reactions, most along the lines of HELL YES. With one “OMG, now that’s stuck in my head!” Yeah, that’s what makes it great. Bonus points if you remember Pret a Porter, the movie it originally appeared in. Crazy nuts, that film. Anyway, that reaction made me think that Music Monday should be totally throwback today. I’m bringing you 90’s hits that I still listen to–and you should too.

I love the Beastie Boys! I like to play their Solid Gold Hits CD in my car, which generates much positive feedback. Including the kid at the Sonic drive-thru flirting with me.

Plus, they have the best videos EVER.

Speaking of the Beasties, once upon a time, they introduced the world to Luscious Jackson. Their song “Naked Eye” appeared in just about every television show known to man as background music, once upon a time. But my favorite is this one:

Unfortunately, embedding on the official music video for “Ladyfingers” is disabled, but if you can, go watch it here. The dancing by lead singer Jill Cuniff is especially second-hand embarassing. Plus I had kind of flippy hair like hers once.

Remember Tal Bachman? No? Possibly if I mentioned the song “She’s So High”? Still no? Oh, well. I probably listened to his song “Romanticide” a billion times during a particularly painful breakup.

I went searching for a music video, which doesn’t actually exist, and found something better! A fanvid for this song set to scenes from Twelfth Night (which I happen to be reading with my 12th graders right now). And just when I think I couldn’t get luckier, I find it’s the 1996 BBC version (my favorite), and it focuses on the hint of homo-eroticism between Sebastian and Antonio! Holy friggin’ cow. DYING!

Enjoy my old skool jams. And lament the fact I couldn’t find a version of Ani DiFranco’s “Fire Door”. GRRRRRRRLLLL POWER.


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