Dia de los Muertos

I’m not much of one for Halloween. We never went trick-or-treating as children (don’t worry, it did me no permanent psychic harm), and though I love to dress up, I never seem to have parties to go to. And I have no kids, so there are very few opportunities for me to get all Halloween-y.

Living in a Hispanic community, a new facet has been added to my Halloween experience–Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. In Mexico, this holiday is to honor the dead, but in New Mexico, like Halloween itself, it’s pretty much just an excuse to dress up and do awesome goth makeup.

Yesterday while visiting Albuquerque’s Old Town, we caught some musicians in Dia de los Muertos makeup. With a plushie.

The idea behind the makeup is to look like a highly decorated skull. Also known as “Sugar Skull” makeup, for the sugar skulls that are sold on Dia de los Muertos. My favorite designs have a very retro, pinup feel, combining the 50’s Mexiana trend with the skull. A rose behind the ear, bright colors in the makeup (even red lips, sometimes), and the look is more beautiful than scary.

I wanted to try to do this look, and went so far as to look up a couple of tutorials on how to do it. But I got really busy and missed out on doing it (and taking pictures for avatars on various social networking sites, as was my plan). And this weekend I’ve got a houseguest, so doing makeup for an hour or two is definitely out of the question. It might still happen, though… stay tuned.

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!


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