MAC cosmetics is the stuff addiction is made of. Not only are they high-quality, relatively affordable, and on-trend, they have this ongoing genius idea to do limited edition collections. And those collections are FABULOUS. As the MAC makeup artist cheekily suggested to me when I lamented the limited edition connundrum–“What if I fall in love with a limited edition item?”–“It’s a good excuse to buy two.” They have no problem selling out their limited editions, as I saw with their Disney collaboration this month, Venomous Villains. I got to the MAC store less than ONE WEEK after Venomous Villains came out, and they had already sold out several of the items. I got the last bottle of nail polish in the whole store (Formidable! nail polish–a teal green with pink multi-changing pearl) as well as the eye shadow Her Alter Image, a light violet shade similar to MAC’s Idol Eyes, which is my go-to violet, only it’s got more pigment to it.

For the holidays, MAC’s latest limited edition collection is A Tartan Tale. It’s like a trip to the Scottish Highlands. Now, for cute packaging, I think it comes up short. The kits, with several lip, eye, or face products to each, are adorable and perfect for gift-giving. They come in tartan with a MAC family crest.

The singles are much cuter in the Venomous Villains collection, or in last spring’s Give Me Liberty of London collaboration, which in my opinion was the best limited edition packaging ever. But I LOVE the eyeshadow itself in the Tartan collection. Because IT’S TARTAN.
SO CUTE. I just hope the tartan stripes go all the way through, and aren’t just imprinted on the top. I would want that look (even without the texture) to continue down to the bottom of the eyeshadow pan. So I’ll definitely be picking up one of those; probably the green Enviably Fun or the grey and blue Glamora Castle.

I’m also really liking the nail polish (pardon me, nail LACQUER) Sly as a Fox. A russet-red, I think it would be perfect for winter. It almost has an 80’s power broker/Working Girl vibe to it for me. But in a cool way.

MAC, why must you do this to me? Every time I say I’m done buying makeup, I have everything I need, they pull out something else. I’m such a sucker.
EDIT: After I posted this, I went and did my eye makeup. And I thought “I’ll do a my purple/lavender eye today!” And I realized that instead of Idol Eyes as my go-to violet, I meant Satellite Dreams. Whoops.


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