Music Monday: GLEE!

Anybody else love GLEE?

For myself, I am super excited about tomorrow night’s Rocky Horror episode. Although I think the best episodes were in the first season, I’m still enjoying the show, and I felt like the episode where Kurt’s dad had a stroke was the best of the season, as it combined both funny moments and true emotion. Anyway, I thought for today I would post my favorite Glee songs!
Gold Digger

Will Schuster is sexy.

Hate on me

Mercedes (Amber Riley) can’t just sing…she can SANG.
True Colors

I think Tina Cohen Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) doesn’t necessarily get enough time singing. This song makes me tear up every time.
Gives You Hell

There’s no Rachel Berry like a pissed-off Rachel Berry. (BTW, Lea Michele–eat a burger.)
Dream On

Hello, local hero and ABQ native Neil Patrick Harris! I LOVED this episode.

Empire State of Mind

This one always just makes me get STREET. šŸ˜‰
Me Against the Music

One of the great things about this season is the fact that Brittney (Heather Morrison) is being featured more. Girl can DANCE.
I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Possibly the song with the strongest emotional content of all. The lyrics of this song take on a whole new meaning as Kurt sings it.

So, anyone else have another Glee song that they love? Or are there Glee haters out there?


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