Wednesday Wants

My friend LiLi of the awesome blog Word Vom is a genius.  Not only does she write hilarious stuff, she raises twins and has great taste in music.  Oh, and also she does a “Wednesday Wants” post.  Love it.  With her blessing, I’m yanking her idea for my own tonight.  Winter wear is her topic and mine!  Yay!

First up, this coat:

I don’t personally have a punk style, but I do like unique items. I love the high-low hemline of this jacket. And it’s basic enough that I could wear it all the time. Which I WOULD.

Next up:

I own some jank-ass cardigans. I’m wearing one right now. I believe it has a moth hole in the arm somewhere. And yes, I wore it to work today. I actually wore five different shades of blue today, and none of them really go together. The other day before putting on a cardigan I actually safety pinned a hole in it. I’m not proud. One of my resolutions for this winter is to get some awesome cardigans. And for people like myself who have a limited budget, this one from Old Navy will do quite nicely.

And lastly–oh, ModCloth!

These gloves are amazing! Not only kind of retro stylish, like an old-fashioned driving glove, but the special fabric on the index finger and thumb is totally modern, allowing you to access your smart phone touch screens! No taking off your gloves, no fingerless gloves, you can keep warm and keep your addiction to your phone! If you’re like me, never far from your smart phone, this is exciting news indeed.

Join the cool kids–what do you want today?


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