TaTa Tuesday

It took a while for me to be comfortable with my boobs.  How’s that for an opener?  My boobs are on the large side (on the far side of the large side), and as a pre-teen, I was anxious about them.  They seemed so ridiculously OUT THERE.  I remember buying a skirt with a built-in suspender (holla, 90’s fashion!  It also had a peplum!) my freshman year of high school, and I had to figure out where to put those suckers.  Do they go front and center, straight over the mountain pass?  Or off to the side, framing the chestal region?  I realized that it didn’t matter.  They will be seen, covered in a huge sweatshirt or peeking around suspenders.  Might as well look as good as possible, and enjoy the fact that I have boobs.

October, as the whole world knows, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I worry about breast cancer, because it is in my family.  My father’s mother got breast and lymph cancer when I was in that same early teen period, and she successfully fought it.  She had a mastectomy and a lymphectomy, as well as chemo and radiation.  I would rather not have to do any of those things, so I would love to get a cure as soon as possible.  However, everyone and their dog sells pink crap during the month of October.  So I thought I’d take a crack at making a list of things I’d want even if they weren’t supporting cancer research.

So, without further ado:  Cool stuff you could buy–plus they are good for your boobies.

1. Quad Ribbon Silk Scarf

This silk scarf doesn’t scream “BREASTS!” (Let’s leave that to the gentlemen, shall we?) It looks kind of like an abstract image, plus it combines pink and a gorgeous raspberry color, so it’s not an overload of baby pink. Love it.

2.  Sonia Kashuk “Seeing Pink” Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk has the best makeup brushes on a budget to begin with. I own two of her white-handled brushes, which are very inexpensive, but soft, firmly attached (no stray brush hairs getting in your eyes) and well-shaped. The fact that these are a soft shade of pink and support breast cancer research is a bonus. They come in a nice case, too, in case you want to buy a set for travel.

3.  Pink Sharpies

My love for Sharpies is unbounded.  I have just about every color of Sharpie in my desk at work–but only one pink.  I’m sure I could use two more, for a good cause, right?  Right?

4. Korres Quince Body Butter

I recently discovered Korres while I was on the never-ending quest for a replacement foundation after Prescriptives went under.  I use Korres’ Wild Rose Foundation, which is lovely and smells wonderful.  This Greek company makes products that are full of goodness–environmentally friendly, filled with antioxidants, etc.  And this would help me with that whole #WomanFAIL issue I addressed in Sunday’s post.

5.  Evelyn Lauder Lip Design Collection

A trio of pink lipstick?  YES.  Estee Lauder is extremely committed to breast cancer research.  They have their own Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and donate a lot of money to research.  I would wear at least two out of three of these shades.

Those are my top five picks.  Of course, if you have had breast cancer and survived, or are a family member of someone who has had breast cancer, you can wear whatever you want.  Deck yourself in pink from head to toe, wear a blinking tiara if you want–you deserve it.

*Notes on this post:

  • These are my own opinions–no endorsements here.
  • I’m sick of pink after doing all these web searches.
  • Amazon.com asked me if I was searching for “Beast Cancer”.
  • I’ve seen a breast cancer awareness garden gnome.
  • I found what claimed to be a “breast cancer scented candle”.  Dear mercy, I HOPE not.
  • Shout-out to Olivia AKA OBIRD–the originator of “Boobs in the shoes” and “tata Tuesday”.

2 thoughts on “TaTa Tuesday

  1. The best thing that women can do is self exams every month and go get mammograms when at the appropriate age.

    Keep feeling yourself up!

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