My Imaginary Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about opportunities missed.  I am so desperate for the right opportunity to come along, that I am looking back with wistfulness on roads not taken.  Specifically, the opportunity I had two years ago to work in a bilingual school in Berlin.  At the time, I was a little skittish of leaving everything and jumping across the pond, so I turned it down.  But now I’m fantasizing about being in the Old World.  I’m creating a little world based on my experience living in England and Denmark, my two trips to Berlin, and that cockeyed sense of optimism and fantasy that one must create in order to actually become an expat.

In my fantasy German life, my apartment is pre-war, with lots of windows.  Conveniently located to the U-Bahn station–although I own a cute bicycle for cycling around the city, too.  It has a gorgeous view of some linden trees, too.  Also hardwood floors–of course.  The furniture is a tasteful mix of IKEA mod and actual mod from the local vintage stores.  The ceiling is pressed tin.  And the bed–oh, my gosh, the bed–it’s the most comfortable bed ever, with lofty down duvets piled high to wrap up in against the cold.  Also there’s a fireplace with a crackling fire.

I spend time at expat hangouts sometimes, but like to mix with Berliners, too.  Winter evenings are for going to the theater or to classical concerts.  I read in coffee shops and shop in the boutiques, stopping off at the open-air market for fresh produce and flowers.  Quiet nights at home require candles, a cup of tea, maybe some new friends coming by to share some kuchen.

My imaginary life rocks.   Come on by.


2 thoughts on “My Imaginary Life

  1. can i be your neighbor in your imaginary life?? i promise not to be terribly loud and always invite you over when i make torte.

    but srsly, i could just kick my 20-something year old ass for not doing that semester abroad in France that was offered to me junior year in college. what the h was i thinking??? oh right, i wasn’t. damn pot brownies.

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