Boots and BP

My blood pressure went way down, y’all.  It’s a happy day!  Who knew that managed depression + sleep = less stress = lower blood pressure?  As my friend Marcie says, “DOCTORS”.  Know-it-alls.

Last time I was at my doctor’s, my BP was dangerously high.  They made me lie down and hooked me up to a machine to determine the best treatment.  And then they left me there.  For a very long time.  And I managed to relax quite a bit just waiting for the procedure, and my BP dropped out of the danger zone.  And today, they checked it twice, because they couldn’t quite believe the improvement.  Yay me.

En route to me...

Is anyone else totally jonesing for fall?  The weather cannot cool down fast enough for me.  Along with this I want to buy awesome boots for fall.  I’ve got a pair on the way with a kind of biker flair, to stand in for my much coveted (yet financially out-of-reach) Frye boots.  I hope they fit.

Also, I’m late to the trend, because I spent much time turning up my nose at it, but I’m loving an Ugg-type boot.  I have my eye on some Fuggs (faux-Uggs) that lace up in front.  Only they’re more expensive than Uggs.  Australia Luxe collective makes them; they’re called “Bedouin” boots.

Fuggs! Only super-pricey.

Crunchy leaves and hot air balloons and chilly air soon, please!


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